Chemicals, Pharma and Life Sciences

FrankfurtRhineMain ranks amongst Germany’s leading locations for medical, pharmaceutical and industrial biotechnology as well as pharmaceutical research and development. 

With the highest density of industrial parks in the entire country, the aforementioned industry sector represents the largest business field in the metropolitan region of FrankfurtRhineMain. Aside from the so-called House of Pharma, the FiZ Frankfurter Innovationszentrum Biotechnologie also offers smaller companies of the life sciences sector laboratory and office space with the aim of promoting innovation and growth. 

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Financial Services

Frankfurt is one of the world’s leading financial centres. Nowhere in Germany does one find such a diversity of financial service providers as here in Europe’s smallest metropolis. 

Aside from various leading German financial institutions, “Mainhattan” also has representations of the vast majority of global banks and credit institutes. Home to the Deutsche Bundesbank, the European Central Bank and the German Stock Exchange, Frankfurt is continental Europe’s most important finance capital. 

IT and Telecommunications

Frankfurt has become the “digital heart” of Europe, a bustling national and international data hub.

With the second largest density of data centres in Europe, Frankfurt occupies an important position in the IT and telecommunications sector. Measured by data flow, the city is in fact the world’s largest Internet junction, a place where national and international data networks intersect. Aside from Deutsche Telekom’s proprietary network, the metropolis on the River Main also has an 800-km fibre-optic network that is continuously being expanded. What’s more, Frankfurt is also home to De-CIX, the world’s largest data exchange.The DE-CIX processes 90% of all domestic and 35% of all European internet traffic. 

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Creative Industry

Frankfurt is a creative hub. 

The metropolis on the River Main is home to a number of leading international network agencies specialising in the areas of advertising and communication. From here, these agencies manage large-scale, global advertising budgets and develop media-effective campaigns. Countless smaller Frankfurt agencies, many of them owner-operated, dispose over high degrees of thematic specialisation. For example, the large concentration of game developers and publishers based in Frankfurt Rhine-Main is second to none in Germany. 


Logistics and Mobility

Frankfurt is known as the centre of the German logistics and mobility industries. 

With one of Europe’s largest airports, Germany’s busiest train station and a well-developed motorway network, Frankfurt disposes over an ideal traffic and transport infrastructure, one that has expanded significantly over time. Meanwhile, the positive development of the logistics and mobility industries based in the region has led many leading national and international research centres and training institutions to establish themselves in FrankfurtRheinMain. 


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