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The event industry in the Main metropolis is well prepared for the increasing demand for sustainable events. 

Awareness of the importance of sustainability has increased dramatically in recent years, a fact that is also mirrored in the special events industry. Special events are much more than places of encounters and exchange; they also give us the chance to inf

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Our Sustainable Commitment

The Frankfurt Convention Bureau has signed up to the "fairpflichtet" sustainability code for the German-speaking event industry, which was launched by the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC) and the German Convention Bureau (GCB). 


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Barrier-Free Events

When planning a special event, inclusion should be a key aspect from the very start, because barrier-freedom means much more than merely offering your guests a ground-level entrance to the venue. Service, event information and event promotion are equally important issues when planning and performing a truly barrier-free event.


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Sustainable Events

Numerous event venues in FrankfurtRhineMain are already officially certified and have a green policy. New buildings and renovations as well as open spaces in the Frankfurt city area must be designed in a climate-friendly manner in accordance with the "Design Statutes for Open Space and Climate"